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Stung - Bethany Wiggins After I finished Stung, I stepped back and thought about how unapologetic the story was. From the moment the book starts, Wiggins takes the innocent Fiona -- a girl who's lost years of memories -- through trials that make you squirm, gag and cringe. She wades through the sewers knee-deep in feces within the first twenty pages, and that's just the start of her journey to discover what's changed in the world since she's been asleep.Stung worked from start to finish -- a terrific contribution to the science fiction genre. Fiona physically looks like a woman, but she remembers herself as a young thirteen-year-old, and its with this knowledge that her character really forms. She reacts to situations like she's still a little girl -- and in most ways, its with that childlike innocence that separates Fiona from other young adult heroines.Fiona's not headstrong. She's not wildly tough like Katniss. She's not whiny either. She's just a girl willing to shave her head, cover herself in sewage and be kicked and hit by men in order to survive. If an average woman was thrown into the situation, not brave, not cowardly, I'd suspect she'd fair as well as Fiona. And there's some comfort with that -- that this girl doesn't have to be a Katniss to have a good shot at survival.Fiona's confusion played well with the structure of the novel. She had moments of recognition and we learned her memories in trickles, thus explaining where she was running from in the first page. Most of the book was "show" not "tell" which I appreciated, and we slowly discovered the lingo of the world where bees and beasts play an integral part.The book is probably best read not knowing much about the plot or the other characters, but I'd say going into it, Fiona's memory loss at first irked me. I'm not a fan of the main girl acting completely clueless, and it's quite obvious her questions are a device to learn more about the world. But it worked well in Stung, and Fiona's questions almost sounded as childlike as a thirteen-year-old, the age she last remembers.Stung was a quick, fast read and a complete surprise. I have no qualms with the book. In fact, as a science fiction read, I'd say it's nearly flawless and even has a "wow" factor with the original concept. A solid five-stars.Side Note: People who do not enjoy science fiction, probably will have a hard time accepting Stung. And if you're new to the genre, you should go into this book with an open mind. There's a lot of good stuff to digest.