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Kiss the Sky - Krista Ritchie,  Becca Ritchie The cover will be revealed soon. We wanted it to fit more with the new Hothouse Flower cover, so we had to redesign it. I adore it so much, so I can't wait to share. But until then, we've decided to give you a little taste of what's to come in Kiss the Sky. Opening of Kiss the Sky (Rose's POV): "You know the stories where the strong, brawny man struts into a room with his head high, his chest puffed, and his stocky shoulders pulled back—he’s the king of the jungle, the big man on campus, the one who quivers girls’ knees. He carries an air of unwarranted superiority for the pure fact that he has a dick, and he knows it. He expects the girl to go tongue-tied and agree to his every demand. I am living that story right now." *Disclaimer: Rose is NOT talking about Connor Cobalt.*That's it for now. More teasers to come closer to the release -- maybe even the opening to Connor Cobalt's POV ;)